domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Don´t bet on the good luck

Good luck always has been the precious treasure that all people are looking for. It is a solution to have a successful career, successful family and sometimes successful relationships. But in fact, is that a correct way to get our happiness? I don´t agree.

I’ve always thought that our destiny depends on us. Our choices, our personality, our way to confront the challenges are what determine our success. If you really want something you need to fight for that, you need to do all that you can do to finally get it.

I need to quote the words of the visionary Walt Disney “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. I can’t agree more. This important person of our history showed how successful you can be if you work really hard on that. No matter if someone doesn´t believe in you; if you trust in yourself you can do it.

Walt Disney began his company in 1923, at only 22 years old. Do you think this younger man knew that he would go to found the most important global corporation of family entertainment?  I don´t think so, but I know he has clear ideas and dreams; the secret was work on that.

Normal people can win the lottery thanks to good luck, but if he doesn´t choose a good way to invest the money, he never will be successful. The most important persons in our history always have to work hard to finally be recognized for the society.

If you want to be someone like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gate or Donald Trump don´t bet on the good luck. If you want to achieve that dream or that goal that makes you happy, remember, you only need be focus on that, don´t lose your way don´t matter what happens, and finally, really love the things you do.

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